A List of Must Have Photographs on Your Wedding Album

Preparing a list of must-have photos on wedding day will help your photographer understand your requirements better. The current trend of wedding photography like http://bestmemorykeepers.net/ is descriptive or narrative to let you tell your love story in your special way. It is therefore important that the photographer doesn’t miss the important moments of the day.

I prefer to sit down with my clients before the big day and discuss a few options on how her love story can be best narrated through the shots. A photographer’s lens would see through your eyes and preparing a checklist of shots that you want in the album is the best way to ensure that no important moment is missed.

Below I have prepared a list of must-have photos in your wedding album. You can also modify the list by http://www.zem7.com/ to add or delete a couple to suite your convenience.

Wedding day photo shoot must begin with the rehearsal. A couple of before the action photos gives the album a nice feel and also prepares the ground of the fairy tale to unfold. In this list I have also included the behind the screen action shots.

  • The bride admiring her wedding gown. Your Calgary wedding photographer can suggest you the best backdrop for your wedding dress to be photographed.
  • The bride getting prepared for the event. Mother helping the bride to put on her dress or wearing the chocker.
  • Bride’s shoes, garter, veil and tiara
  • Bridesmaids getting ready for the event.
  • Bride and bridesmaids putting makeup
  • Bride looking at herself in the mirror
  • Some fun moments of other aunts and uncles getting ready
  • Close up shots of bride
  • Bride pinning corsage on father
  • Bride hugging her parents
  • Leaving for the ceremony
  • Groom getting ready – tying the tie
  • Close up shots of the groom before the ceremony
  • Groom with his best man
  • Shots of the venue both outside and inside
  • Bride entering the wedding venue
  • Guests walking to the venue
  • Groom waiting for the bride
  • Guests taking seats or sitting
  • Maid of honor/bridesmaid walking down the aisle
  • Flower girls and ring bearer
  • Groom welcoming the bride and her parents
  • Bride hugging her father at the head of the aisle
  • Father handing over the bride
  • Officiant and organists
  • The wedding ceremony
  • Close ups of bride and groom during the ceremony
  • The kiss
  • Bride and groom walking down together after the ceremony
  • Some outside shots of bride and groom together
  • Entering the car or together at the back seat of the car
  • Shots of guests with bride and groom
  • Bride with her bridesmaids post wedding
  • Groom with his best men post wedding
  • The complete wedding party
  • Bridal party
  • The cake
  • The toast
  • Father/friend/groom making speech
  • Guests dancing
  • Bride dancing with groom/father/father-in-law
  • The buffet
  • The music party

I normally use my discretion from http://nova-mag.net/ while taking photos. But it is a pretty exhaustive list that will give you an idea what important wedding shots are so that you know that to ask from a wedding photographer.



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