4 Reasons Security Should Be Part of All Employee Training

When your small business thrives, it’s easy to focus on growth percentages and not much else. Maybe you have a security team in place, or maybe you have special training for those who open and close your brick and mortar establishment. However, did you know that a personal injury claim combined with a worker’s compensation claim can destroy a small- or mid-sized business? The mega corporations can often handle such financial devastation (as well as a ding to their reputation), but what about the smaller guys?

Safety and security should be a key part of all employee training. Not only does it protect your business, but it also keeps your workers healthy. Of course, healthy employees also mean happy employees as one FOX news team recently covered. Here are a few reasons security training should be a part of ongoing employee training:


  1. Best practices change

How you treat a spill can change dramatically depending on new products that arrive (like some super slippery ones), where your commercial space is, and even CPR training evolves. Here bigbusinessboard.net are many ways to adapt to change, including tips by Ask Men, but adapting to change as an employer is different. This is also your chance to make sure you’re following the latest local, state and federal laws.

  1. A refresher can be a lifesaver

New hires get a lot of new information fired at them starting on day one. However, how much of an initial training can you really remember? Continuing education and training is vital for successful employees, and this is a perfect time to pepper in some safety training. This can even be the “fun part” of the training, bringing in guest speakers such as licensed security officers or other experts.

  1. It’s not always led by example

How many times have you actually witnessed someone falling from the top of a ladder at work? The good news is that, relatively, work injuries are pretty rare. However, this means that a lot of people will default to “deer in the headlights” when a real safety issue occurs. Visit at http://001success.net because practice and conversation makes for quicker action.

  1. People digest less than you think

It might feel like you’ve beaten safety protocol to death, but you’d be surprised by how little people actually soak up. There’s no such thing as overdoing safety. The more it becomes common conversation in the workplace, the better people will adapt in a jam.


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