Learn here Brazilian technique for you to wear beautiful!

There are different types of hair: short, laser-based creams, wax, etc., although the range is quite wide, all these techniques have only one purpose, to remove unwanted hair of our body. Among the best known techniques find a Brazilian wax, the origin of its name is really a mystery, but this way is called the type of waxing is done in the area of the bikini. This method removes all the hair except for a small portion in a “v” which is at the front, a Brazilian wax removes hair that lies between the labia and in the rear. The Brazilian wax practice requires a highly trained and we will be working in places unlikely we will see clearly, we also use smooth movements as vaginal hair removal is very painful.

It is recommended not to practice this technique ourselves if we really are not professionals in the field, the rooms are much safer because depilatories have great experience in the matter. So that we know what this type of hair, you just get to say that beauty salon clothing you takes off the bottom and epilator ask you to acquire the same position as it has during a gynecological examination. The legs remain open and folded on the table; the beautician put some talcum powder in order to avoid irritation and begins to pour the wax. The hairs that cannot be removed will be removed with tweezers. After describing the Brazilian waxing procedure are many questions that come to mind, so visit at skin-street.com this including the more compelling “really hurts”; must be honest and say that this method is painful but it is not torture.

Once the area was shaved, it becomes red and may bleed a little, that’s where the pain is most acute feeling. Although many women still doubt the results, here we venture two theme, duration of hair growth and sexual activity. With regard to the first point we have to note that the results depend on the person, usually last three weeks, once this time, we will notice that the hair will grow slowly and will cause itching and discomfort. With regard to the sexual issue, many women claim that their intimate activity improvement after using this technique that makes them look “younger”.

The Brazilian wax is not suitable for people shameful, and we are trying an intimate, in case of doubt we recommend following the traditional methods of home hair removal: razors or creams, if we are willing to endure this technique must take into account several factors as a precaution. The first is the length of hair to be removed, so that this type of hair removal to be effective we must remember that the hair to be extracted must measure no less than three millimeters, otherwise it’s likely not to uproot the pull, but cut.

When we prepare our body for hair removal should be free of lotions or creams, they are hindering this process. Since we are waxing intimate area is essential to be thoroughly cleaned, we recommend waxing the genital area a week after having had a period that is when we are less sensitive. After practicing this method we ask that we put antiseptic lotions followed by an aloe vera cream to relieve the inflamed area. We should not scare if the area becomes red and bleeds shaved, is common, and may be some ingrown hairs and so it is recommended to exfoliate the area daily. The Brazilian wax is usually made with cream but other techniques we can use to shave our most intimate parts; creams, cold wax, razors, lasers, etc… Also within this method we have different kinds of ways to shave: the decorative and the integral are the most common. The first is to give the area a suggestively intimate making drawings such as hearts, stars, etc., is widely used as a sexual suggestion. The second includes a depilation beyond the groin completely eliminating all hair. Search here www.healthytipshotline.com for another tips.



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